We are developing chip-scale sensor and actuator systems with novel material and micro/nano-fabrication processes. Research in this area is motivated by the potential to produce high-performance, low-cost, miniature transducers. Specific research areas of interest include Micro-/Nano-Electro-Mechanical System (M/NEMS) design and modeling, novel multiferroic materials, processing and transducers, MEMS microbial fuel cells, solid fuel cells based clean energy to electricity conversion and environmental monitoring devices, Wearable sensors for continuous physiological monitoring, MEMS device research and its biomedical applications, as well as their applications in smart hardware, renewable energy systems, Internet-Of-Things (IOT) etc. The researches are, in particular, interdisciplinary, which incorporates the expertise from many engineering and scientific disciplinarians.

Representative Work

2020 Int. J. Hydrog. Energy - A quantitative extracellular electron transfer (EET) kinetics study of Geobacter sulfurreducens enriched microbial community reveals the transition of EET limiting step during biofilm growth

2019 IEEE EDL - Narrowband Impedance Transformer With Extremely High Transformation Ratio of 200

2018 IEEE Sensors - Design and Fabrication of an Electrostatic AlN RF MEMS Switch for Near-Zero Power RF Wake-Up Receivers