Optoelectronics and Photonic Intelligent


Driven by the Internet of Things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Internet traffic volume, and computation-intensive applications, the accelerating growth of data requires high-speed and energy-efficient signal processing, transmitting, and detection. We are aiming to leverage the strengths of photonics and electronics to address these challenges using optoelectronic approaches. Our research cover quantum structure based semiconductor lasers, photonic integrated chips, photodetectors, meta-devices, and wide bandgap semiconductor photonic devices, with applications ranging from optical computing, optical communications, to optical sensing and imaging.

Representative Work

2020 ACS Photonics - Low dark current high gain InAs quantum dot avalanche photodiodes monolithically grown on Si

2020 ACS Nano - Low-dark current 1.55 micrometer InAs quantum dash waveguide photodiodes

2020 ACS Photonics - Strong Optical Feedback Stabilized Quantum Cascade Laser

2019 Optica - High-speed uni-traveling carrier photodiode for 2 μm wavelength application

2019 ACS Photonics - Defect Characterization of InAs/InGaAs Quantum Dot p‐i‐n Photodetector Grown on GaAs-on-V-Grooved-Si Substrate

2019 IEEE J. Sel. Top. Quantum Electron. - Tunable frequency comb generation using period-one limit cycles of quantum cascade lasers

2019 IEEE J. Sel. Top. Quantum Electron. - Intensity noise and pulse oscillations of an InAs/GaAs quantum dot laser on Germanium