Publication 2016

(#) Co/-responding author; (*) Co-/First author

Electronics and Spintronics Devices

1.      Y.B Fan*, X.F Kou*, P. Upadhyaya*, Q.M Shao, M.R Lang, et al., “Electric-field control of spin-orbit torque in a magnetically doped topological insulator”, Nature Nanotechnology 11, 352-359 (2016)

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3.      T.X Nie, J.S Tang, X.F Kou, G. Yin, S.W Lee, X.D Zhu, Q.L He, L.T Chang, K. Murata, Y.B Fan, and K.L Wang, “Enhancing electric-field control of ferromagnetism through nanoscale engineering of high-Tc MnxGe1-x nanomesh”, Nature Communications 7:12866 (2016)


Optoelectronics Devices

4.      J. Even, C. Wang, and F. Grillot, “From basic physical properties of InAs/InP quantum dots to state of the artlasers for 1.55 μm optical telecommunications: An overview,” in Semiconductor and Metal Nanoparticles: Physical Properties and Device Applications, CRC Press (2016)

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Circuit and Systems

8.      X.C Liu*, S.P Sun, X. Li, H.F Qian and P.Q Zhou. “Machine Learning for Noise Sensor Placement and Full-Chip Voltage Emergency Detection,” IEEE TCAD 421-434 (2016)